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When you’re undertaking the personal journey of fertility treatment you need to be able to trust that your “chosen team” you create around you are the best in their field and that is certainly how I felt about Mel as my wonderful acupuncturist. Her knowledge is so extensive I immediately felt safe in her hands. She’s very easy to talk to, professional, empathetic, thorough and free speaking and through her own personal experience you know she’s doing everything to get results. She would adjust treatments to reflect my wellbeing as well as the purpose being fertility and adopted a holistic approach rather than just rolling out well practised protocol and always chatted it through and checked I was ok with that. This was easy to accept because I had full faith in her skills and experience (whereas previous acupuncturists I hadn’t.) She was also available in between treatments too if I wanted to chat anything through. I seriously believe she has been instrumental in our successful pregnancy and I highly recommend her.
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