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Ancient Roots Fertility Acupuncture

Melanie Hackwell, BSc (Hons) Lic. AC., Lic. Tui na, AFN, MBAcC, MRTCM

Fertility has been a long and painful journey for us. The hardest thing that we found was the lack of answers, the verdict being constantly unexplained. Two years ago we both started acupuncture as we thought it might help. The whole approach of Chinese Medicine gave us a belief that it was possible to see improved results through changes to diet, lifestyle and regular acupuncture. I started seeing Mel a year and a half ago and I was particularly pleased to be seeing someone who specialises in fertility and who was understanding of my pain. Everytime I cried in front of her, I felt understood rather than judged. Despite many knockbacks, we kept going because at the very least it was relaxing and relieved stress. When we stopped drinking alcohol and changed our diet radically it was reassuring to hear that Mel could see the positive effects of this in my pulse and was able to enhance the improvements through acupuncture.

We were gearing up to undergo private IVF and then, much to our surprise, we fell pregnant naturally, something that had seemed impossible after four years of trying without ever a glimmer of a conception. Its hard to say how or why but I know that acupuncture played a role in making this happen for us. I am so grateful for all that Mel has said and done for me. She’s been so understanding and thoughtful, she was the first person I told that I was pregnant (after my husband!) which shows how crucial her role was and how closely she walked alongside us through this.

Every story and journey is different but in a fertility world of insensitively delivered services and impersonal encounters, I’d recommend Mel to anyone. She’s a star!


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