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Ancient Roots Fertility Acupuncture

Melanie Hackwell, BSc (Hons) Lic. AC., Lic. Tui na, AFN, MBAcC, MRTCM

Mel is one of the most approachable and comforting acupuncturists I have come across. Upon being recommended for Acupuncture, I did my research and spoke to many but chose Mel wholly because of her experience, real life cases and her own journey which I could thoroughly relate to. Mel takes great pleasure in her client's progression so every week I would have a good release session with her and leave the room feeling so light and free. I’ve had some of the best sleep of my life, the easiest two week wait and an amazing treatment cycle in the run up to my IVF cycle. She listened to my needs, planned around them and helped me with my journey to get pregnant! All things considering I couldn’t stand the thought of needles but the way Mel relaxes you, I craved for more and now I’ve found a new love for Acupuncture and she’ll never see the back of me! I never imagined to be able to go through IVF just the once but I did and it was thanks to Mel and her encouragement, not just when I was in her presence but endless support on calls and texts. Thank you Mel, from both of us.
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